The lovely town Parga with its 2500 inhabitants is situated on the north west coast of Greece, in an idyllic bay on the foot of the Epirus Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. In spring a lot of wild flowers bloom and the landscape stays all summer long nice and green. Behind the coast with lots of bays and long sandy beaches are olive groves and pine woods. High above Parga are the ruins of a venetian castle situated, from up there you have a gorgeous view over the coast with its numerous islands and bays for bathing, swimming and relaxing.

The most known island is the "Panagia-Island" the "Virgin Mary-Island" which is just outside the harbour, to its honour every year on the 15th of August Parga celebrates a big town festival with music and huge fire works A bit further away you can also make out the islands Paxi, Antipaxi and the south peak of Corfu. Right behind the harbour the promenade is situated with a lot of taverns where typical greek dishes and wine are served. From there you can watch the livelihood of the harbour, where little fishing boats, taxi boats and sometimes big excursion boats from Corfu anchor.

Behind harbour and promenade there is an impressive labyrinth of small alleys and romantic corners, where you can rummage for souvenirs in little shops or maybe light a candle in one of the small chapels. Cafes and bars invite to remain for a while, to sit down and relax.

During the day life in Parga is slow but in the afternoon the town awakes and its inhabitants and guests surrender round the lovely town. There are discotheques, bars and cafes and live music - something for everybody.

The touristic life in Parga in daytime takes mostly place on the beaches. You have the choice between the town beach Kryoneri, or the little bay behind it, the Piso Kryoneri Beach, the idyllic and long Valtos Beach on the other side of Parga with clear view to the castle, or Lichnos Beach which is just 2 km outside of Parga.

The Valtos Beach is an ideal paradise for children, there is a wide range of watersport possibilities, e.g. wind surfing or parashoot. You can reach all the beaches in Parga easily by watertaxi, by foot or by car. The watertaxis leave on a regular basis to the different beaches or drop you off on the way on one of the lonely little bays and beaches you pass.

There is also a wide range of organised trips and excursions to all the places of interest in Epirus. But if you want to explore yourself you can rent a car or you travel here with your own vehicle. In Igoumenitsa, 45 km north or Parga, there is the big new ferry boat harbour and all the ferries from Italy (from Venice, Ancona and Brindisi) stop here.

Relaxing, comfortable, (homely,cosy) but also active, Parga is a holiday resort, that tries to keep its originality and hospitality and that suits really every age group. Here you won't find mass tourism, huge hotel complexes, just little accommodations, hotels and pensions owned by greek families who make an effort to give you the best holiday possible.

Transfer times:
from Airport Preveza ~ 1 ½ hours
from Airport Corfu ~ 3 hours (incl. 1 ½ h ferry boat)

We are happy to organise your transfer from any airport or ferry harbour .

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